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Many residents already regard Indian River County as a desirable cultural place, possessing remarkable arts institutions and many creative individuals for a community of its size.

Indian River County’s creative employment is equivalent to the 2nd largest employer in the county, second only to the School District and larger than County Government and the Medical Center.

An Economic Impact Study of Indian River County’s creative industry was commissioned by the Cultural Council in the fall of 2011 to explore, document, and quantify the impact of the full range of arts and culture activity in our county.  

This study demonstrates that Indian River County’s creative community is a significant economic force with potential for even greater economic and social impact.  As a major provider of local jobs, the rate of creative employment is about twice the national average.  In proportional terms, Indian River County’s creative employment is greater than Chicago’s and on a par with New York.

  • All economic systems tend to naturally progress in their development from an economy based on agriculture to the manufacturing age to the information age and finally to the design/conceptual/creative age.
  • The U.S. economy is transitioning into this latter stage of development where the value added comes from creative activities.
  •  The rate of creative employment is about twice the national average
  •  In proportional terms, Indian River County’s creative employment is greater than Chicago and on a par with New York City
  •  Indian River County is a cultural community that has developed a high impact creative industry, one that compares with large cultural centers and is positioned to drive economic growth for the county

The Cultural Impact of the Arts in Indian River County

  • The yellow line shows the complete level of employment in each of these sectors
  • The red line shows the number of self-employed
  • This report also includes comparisons to the creative industry in other regions:  Palm Beach County, Collier County, Hillsborough County, Martin County, Sarasota County, Buncombe County, Charlotte County, all in Florida and Charleston County SC.

Whether you are an amateur, student or professional photographer, acceptance and exhibition of your photographic work helps to provide public validation to your artistry and adds an excellent reference to your resume. By establishing yourself through exhibitions, you broaden your ability to have others review your portfolios and increase your credibility in the art community.

We at the Gallery of Hope.org dedicate ourselves to helping artists gain recognition and exposure
to the art community and those who support it.

  • There is an increasing realization throughout the U.S. and internationally of the importance of the creative industry to local economic development, not only for the impact of the industry itself but also for the various ways it facilitates the development of other industries.

  • For example, efforts to develop creative industries that might be relevant for Indian River County include creation of early stage financing vehicles, technical assistance catered to creative businesses and artists, cultural tourism programs, unique marketing programs, research and affordable health insurance