shannon shepard

"Stick and Stones"

This photo is one of several in my "Broken" series that touches on themes of physical and emotional abuse.  This particular piece is about words that can cut someone deeper than any knife ever could—words that you don't want to hear from the people you love, but do.  In my case, I've heard these words from people in my life that should have been there for me, not pointing out every life decision I've made that went wrong.  The Post-It notes are symbols of the hurtful things that these loved ones have said.  This is a form of verbal abuse, and not easily forgotten.  My process is to show the affects of verbal abuse through emotive imagery and symbolism.  If this is something you've struggled with in your life, I hope this speaks to you.

Shannon Shepard

I use my photography as a way of healing—as an attempt to understand who I am and who I will become as a person and as an artist.  I create art in hope that it speaks to others.  I want them to look at my photographs and see what I see:  someone who is suffering but wanting to heal.  I want them to see themselves in my work and think "that's me."  I'm hoping that in my images people can find themselves and start their own healing process.

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