My name is Rochelle Haisley. I am a self-portrait artist and self-taught photographer. The art that I create is the product of a deeply emotive and personal journey of self that impacted my life in many ways. All of the images I take of myself are very meaningful to me and are like the pages of my diary.

My Journey began in 2004 when I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, an auto-immune disease of the intestines for which there is no cure. I had no prior knowledge of the disease and did not foresee the impact it would have on my life. I lived in a quiet Hell while my body was at war with itself. I was constantly in and out of hospitals, undergoing surgeries, and bouncing from one doctor to the next. I lived with unbearable pain and horrible side effects from the medications I was on as my disease progressed and medical treatments repeatedly failed. There were times I questioned if I would even survive.

My spirit and strength were being worn thin. Life at home with two small children was exceptionally hard. Having tried everything, the only option I had left was to remove my entire large intestine and be left with a permanent ileostomy. In utter desperation, I went through with the surgery in 2008 and it completely changed my life. The symptoms of my disease disappeared as quickly as they had surfaced. I felt like a new person and was grateful to be have been given a second chance at life. However, having to adjust to a 'new body' and a new way of life was very difficult emotionally. A sea of emotions came pouring out of me. It was at that point, my self-portraiture took life and my inner healing had begun. I used my photography, my passion, as an outlet to release the emotions I had not dealt with and the new insecurities I was battling. My self-portraiture was essentially my therapy and still is.

In the deepest depths of my suffering, I found the kind of strength I never knew I had. The pain of my journey was enlightening. My art is the result of that deeply therapeutic journey. Through it, I have grown tremendously as a person and as an artist. I sincerely hope you enjoy this collection of my most meaningful works and that they leave you feeling inspired and moved in some way.

Welcome to my Journey...

Rochelle Haisley

Self-Portrait Artist-Rochelle Haisley

Rochelle Haisley is a self-taught professional photographer with degrees in both fashion design and fashion marketing who specializes in child model photography and self-portraiture. She was born in 1976 and was raised in Montreal, Canada. She moved to Florida in 2001 and is now living in Vero Beach.

With a natural talent for visual arts and fashion, Rochelle has taken the child model photography to a new standard. For three years, she worked as the main child photographer for the Green Agency in Miami, Florida, and continues to photograph kids and teenagers from various agencies. Rochelle has also been taking self-portraits since 2008. In 2009 she self-published a book of her self-portrait work entitled "Self Taken" and also placed 5th for the People's Choice Award in an international self-portrait contest held by Artists Wanted in New York City. Her works have been published on various internet sites and on F-Stop Photography Magazine Online. Her work has also been published as a collaborative CD cover for an Italian rock band called Helene's Mates and can be seen in a book called "Modern Pin Up". Rochelle's photography will also be published in a book scheduled for release in the near future called "Nude Closeup". Moreover, Rochelle works as a cover and inside story photographer for HERLIFE Magazine and has a large international fan base.

Known for her distinctive editorial and edgy style, intriguing storytelling, creative composition, vibrant color and unique fashion style, Rochelle is sure to impress you with her endless creativity.

Rochelle Haisley