You may use the "Add to Cart" buttons below to pay by credit card or
you may pay by check by making checks payable to Gallery of Hope and remit to:

Gallery of Hope
c/o Island Images Prof. Photo Studio
P.O. Box 690773
Vero Beach, FL 32969

Fees For Portfolio Reviews

The Portfolio Review fee is $75.00 USD for TEN (10) images. Review is up to one hour lond and can be conducted via phone or preferable in person at the gallery. You will be contacted to set up a review time and date.

Fees For Open Exhibit and 50/50 Contest Submissions

The Open Exhibit and the 50/50 Contest submission fees are  $10.00 USD for EACH image submitted.   There is no limit to the number of submitted images. For more than 10 images you must complete and submit the form a second time.

GOH-PAYPAL 2016-2017 Student Class Fees - PREPAID Discount

Student Photography Group
Annual Registration $35.00

Gallery Artist Submission

The Gallery of is not a charity and is not currently seeking 501(c)(3) status.  The Gallery of is a web site and gallery location of a private business Island Images Professional Photography Studio, Inc., who provides photographic education, programs and opportunities to the underprivileged, students and seniors interested in the photographic arts. We also encourage others to support local and global environmental and humanitarian charities.   The Gallery of also allows its location to be used for multiple exhibitions each year specifically designed to raise additional awareness and funding for these charities.

Student Photography Group Class Fees

Class Fees for the Student Photography Group are Only $10.00 per week but you may also enjoy additional savings by pre-paying for the class fees either Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. Please use the "Add To Cart" pull down bar to the right.

Student Photography Group
Class Fee Pre-Paid Discounts

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Student Photography Group Registration Fee

The Registration Fee for the Student Photography Group is Only $35.00 annually. Please use the "Add To Cart" button to the right. You are only required to  pay the Annual Registration Fee to JOIN the group. You may pay the class fees as you attend or you may also use the Student Photography Group Class Fee Discount "Add To Cart" button below right to complete registration and class fees in one check out transaction.

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