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You may use the "Add to Cart" buttons below to pay by credit card or you may pay by check by making checks payable to Gallery of Hope and remit to:

Gallery of Hope

c/o Island Images Prof. Photo Studio

P.O. Box 690773

Vero Beach, FL 32969

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Support For Water~Water Exhibit Gallery Exhibition

For the Gallery of Hope "Water~Water" Exhibit the Twelve (12) top artists will receive an 11" x14" metal for exhibition in the gallery for the month of May 2020. After the exhibit, they may keep the exhibition print or they may choose to donate it to the gallery for further exhibitions.

The cost of printing the exhibited print for each chosen Twelve (12) images & artist is $35.00** each including sales tax and fees. With your support, the cost of printing will be covered with the minimum support payment.

(**Our Special Gallery Discount)

Water Water Printing Support

Fees For Open Exhibit and 50/50 Contest Submissions

The Open Exhibit and the 50/50 Contest submission fees are $10.00 USD for EACH image submitted. There is no limit to the number of submitted images. For more than 10 images you must complete and submit the form a second time.

Gallery Artist Submission

Fees For Portfolio Reviews

The Portfolio Review fee is $75.00 USD for TEN (10) images. A review is up to one hour long and can be conducted via phone or preferable in person at the gallery. You will be contacted to set up review time and date.

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