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The Gallery of Hope.org provides a physical venue and online presence for insightful photography exhibits created by established and emerging contemporary photographic artists throughout the world.

Our exhibits showcase the creative efforts of these artists while helping raise awareness and funding of social, environmental and humanitarian causes and the organizations whose mission is to confront these issues that affect us all. The Gallery of Hope also provides photographic education, programs and opportunities to the underprivileged, students and seniors interested in the photographic arts.

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Whether you are an amateur, student or professional photographer, acceptance and exhibition of your photographic work helps to provide public validation to your artistry and adds an excellent reference to your resume. By establishing yourself through exhibitions, you broaden your ability to have others review your portfolios and increase your credibility in the art community.

We at the Gallery of Hope.org dedicate ourselves to helping artists gain recognition and exposure to the art community and those who support it.

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© Rochelle Haisley

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